A party that has transformed Gibraltar

A party that has transformed Gibraltar


By Samantha Sacramento, GSLP Liberal Candidate

I am proud to belong to a party that has transformed Gibraltar. The changes in eight years are incredible, both in landscape as in philosophy.

The only problem with such tremendous progress is that it is easy to forget what Gibraltar was like before 2011. Our progress cannot be taken for granted because of this.

I imagine that few will now remember what it feels like to be surrounded by those who smoke in enclosed public spaces, a distant memory because our Government banned this in 2012.

I have chosen this one example because, although it benefits every Gibraltarian in their daily lives, it’s a good thing that we now take for granted as we have become used to it over time.

Fundamentally for me, a change in Government in 2011 represented a change in ideology. Our Government is one that represents equality and fosters inclusion at every level. Our predecessors did not share these core values.

As unimaginable as it may have seemed eight years ago, we have legislated for Civil Partnerships and marriage of same sex couples so that they can have their love and commitment recognised in the eyes of the law. Let’s not forget that the Government before challenged a gay couple who tried to assert their housing rights to the highest court, and at tax payer’s expense.

Innovations include new affordable homes, purpose-built homes for the elderly, schools, sporting facilities, a new Sandy Bay, specialist dementia residential facility and day centres, mental health facility and primary care centres and the list goes on.

The improvements to our community and our society as a result of the solid work and tremendous dedication of our Government are endless, and yet so easy to forget because we have become so used to them existing, that we forget the hardship that many endured because these did not exist.

The final memory of pre 2011 that I leave you with, indeed haunt you with, is the image of having a Guardia Civil inspecting your passport upon arrival at Gibraltar International Airport. That is what the GSD agreed with Spain and spent in excess of £84m on a new airport to enable this to happen.

Thankfully there was a change in administration before any Gibraltarian could be betrayed in this way.

Our Government is steadfast in the protection of our sovereignty, unlike those who clearly had no interest in safeguarding our nation against our hostile neighbour, and they were the ones who advocated an Andorra style solution and would have had you show your passport to a Guardia Civil officer.

Few can seriously consider risking the stability we enjoy by entrusting leadership to a party who would betray our sovereignty. The other party, however well intended, lack experience.

Our nation faces complicated times ahead, and requires an experienced and consolidated team which has the interests of Gibraltar and its people as its number one priority and the track record to prove it.

Please vote for all TEN GSLP/Liberal candidates.