Essential elements of high quality of life


by Edwin Reyes, GSD Candidate 

The GSD has always seen participation in sports as essential elements of a high quality of life as it embraces entertainment and leisure, family quality time, healthy life style and robust youth character formation and orientation.

We want to see everyone in Gibraltar feel able to take part in sports or physical activities. Getting families doing activities together is also a priority, and by families we include carers and other adults who play key roles in a particular child’s life.
With these values in mind it is our commitment to carry out a review of all existing sports facilities in order to ensure that they are up to date and compliant with required standards. We will ensure the completion, and establish an ongoing maintenance programme, of new sports facilities which were opened for the Island Games. Unfortunately the provision of many of these facilities was rushed for use at the Island Games and they are still not fully fit for purpose by local athletes on an all year round basis.

Given the successful Summer Sports Programme, originally commenced under the previous GSD administration, we will in consultation with relevant stakeholders review and where necessary transform this into a wider programme that also has educational and cultural elements. This will attract yet more participants and offer greater access to a wider field of cultural activities.

While sports should be equally accessible for all we also recognise that it is important to nurture talent and allow it to develop further so that some young people can then consider the possibility of higher level competition. As such, we will introduce a Talented Athlete Programme by which special funding will be available for the sports development of young talented and outstanding sportspersons.

This exceptional funding would allow those athletes who are part of the programme to have access to specialised training opportunities. These student athletes may then aspire to enter university courses with a given sports speciality whereby they can be guided through that process.

Of equal importance, we are also keen to ensure that we boost opportunities for people with disabilities to engage actively in sports and, therefore, we would work closely with NGOs and educational and sporting experts to make this a reality.
Just in case of any doubt I cannot end without reinforcing the GSD’s long standing policy: “It will continue to be our policy to assist Gibraltar’s sporting bodies to overcome Spanish politically inspired attempts to block our membership of international sporting bodies”.

If you are a sports lover, or have family members and friends who enjoy participating in sports, then Vote for all 10 GSD Candidates at these General Elections. Together we can provide better sporting and recreational facilities for all to enjoy.