More Police bullying as new survey highlights plummeting morale!

Leo Olivero

RGP manage bullying with more bullying

Last year, the Governor, the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Police Authority generally acknowledged the damning and morale draining 2018 Police Federation survey as ‘very serious’. The Royal Gibraltar Police last year, were less than convincing, the RGP senior command were unable to register the seriousness surrounding the whole internal bullying situation now engulfing local policing, as if the situation was normal to them, after the police federation survey result received the usual ‘ Silent Contemptible Denial’ from the Commissioner of Police Ian McGrail who never really acknowledged the survey result a serious one. 

And as we understand it, McGrail repeated this again this year, after the full survey result was forwarded to him a week or so more it became public on Friday as we understand he has remained silent, as if the issue was again not important, with no contact so far, with the people or representatives he should have called well before now.

McGrail instead, favouring to foster and being at the centre of international policing and in the region, while ignoring one of the most serious and sensitive workforce problems any organisation could have, especially a law enforcement body!

Last year, the RGP Federation chairman Henry Bautista exclusively informed Panorama that ‘Police Bullying’ within the service should be Investigated Independently.

During the weekend a very disappointed and concerned Henry Bautista now in retirement, again reiterated to Panorama, that the latest RGP federation survey confirmed and reflected his call last year for an ‘independent survey’ to be conducted, the results this year he told us presents an even graver situation then it did last!

The Governor and the GPA directly responsible for these matters never commissioned an independent inquiry, they probably never gave it a second thought, which appears to be the case again this year. So far there has been no response to the serious BPF press statement on Friday from either the Convent or the GPA.

With the latter comment in mind, the incriminatory and again damning survey result this year can hardly be surprising, particularly if the matter was never fairly and impartially handled with health, safety and the welfare of officers in mind. But instead the GPF survey reflects, more bullying as the order of the day it seems!

I have no doubt, the Governor and the GPA must bear the brunt of the criticism.

No lessons were learnt last year, which essentially is the purpose of these internal surveys. What the Governor and GPA fail to see, is that bullying in the workplace, particularly within the police service, affects not only the working environment, health and safety, but also in cases, domestic life and the right of police officers to equal opportunity and treatment.

And what the powers that be should be concerned about is the damage and harmful effects of bullying; they should be leading from the front in eradicating from the service. This will never be achieved if potential bullying perpetrators are handed the role of doing it themselves!