The GSD deeply cared then and still cares for Gibraltar



My name is Alfred Ballester and I am standing as a candidate for the Gibraltar Social Democrats ( GSD) at the forthcoming elections.

I joined the GSD in 1993, because I fully shared the ideology and values for which the party stood. 

During this time and leading up to the 1996 general elections Gibraltar was going through a bad phase, both locally and internationally, I therefore could not sit back and watch how our reputation as a people was being tanned to an extend which was unbearable.

I feel it is important to look back and reflect how after winning the 1996 elections a GSD government managed to turn that around and once again make this beloved Rock of ours a decent and prosperous place to live in, so that we our children and grandchildren could be proud to call ourselves Gibraltarians.

Yet our political opponents are repeatedly telling you that the GSD is incapable of running your affairs, Well please allow me to remind you of some of the great achievements of that era.

The international community once again regained their trust in Gibraltar,which meant a rapid upward trend of inward investment.

Needless to say the creation of employment.

Jobs plummeted to a record high, the level of Gibraltarians in jobs rose by almost 14%,

Living standards improved, Personal Income tax was reduced, therefore the take home pay rose substantially.

It created huge economic growth,our economy tripled in size.

It was this same GSD who championed our way to defeating the joint sovereignty proposals of the then British prime minister Tony Blair and his spanish counterpart Aznar.

The GSD,

• Put an end to bilateralism and achieved tripartite talks with Spain.

• Secured our relationship with the British Government.

• Achieved a massive growth in the tourism industry.

• Restored the Civil Servants’ promotion prospects.

• Built a brand new airport, which compared to the old building we previously had, has now became a landmark jewel.

I could go on and on, but my aim has been to remind us that the GSD deeply cared then and still cares for Gibraltar.

We believe that all Gibraltarians should have equal opportunities regardless of what political inclination they may have.

To end please allow me to ask you to reflect on my message, is this a party that you cannot trust to run your affairs, as the GSLP/Liberals are trying their utmost to make you believe ?

Is it perhaps because they are no longer as popular as they think they are and see us a a great threat?

I would like to ask you to consider all this when you go to the polling stations on the 17th October and trust that this GSD party has put together a team of already experienced parliamentarians combined with very competent new blood and is once again ready to do the job for you.