Pedestrianisation in Together Gibraltar manifesto

Dear sir,

It was with great interest that I looked at the photo of the pedestrianisation of Line Wall Rd in the Together Gibraltar manifesto however, there are a few questions I would like to ask.

1. From where will it be pedestrianised?

2. Can I assume it will be from the roundabout at the Anglican Cathedral to the roundabout at the I.C.C.?

3. Does that mean that the I.C.C. parking will no longer be available? 

4. Will the Petrol Station be closed?

5. Will parking along that road be forbidden?

6. Will parking at Capurro’s Garage be forbidden?

7. Will there be no access to Cornwall’s Lane and City Mill Lane?

8. Which Route will the bus No. 2-4-9 take on the way North?

9. Will bicycles be able to travel both ways?

10. Will those using the rubbish bins by Capurro’s Garage and opposite the old Police Station be moved?

11. Has anyone studied the feasibility of this project?

Yours sincerely,

J.R. Norton