Ex-Unite Regional Officer supports GSLP/Liberals

Dear Sir,

I recently retired from my position as Regional Officer for Unite the Union, having given 48 years of my life to the trade union movement, the last 13 as an official. It was a long and fulfilling career defending the rights of workers, to which I will always remain committed in supporting, as a proud Unite the Union retired member. During all these years I had the pleasure of dealing with a number of Chief Ministers, the last of which was the current incumbent, Mr Fabian Picardo of the GSLP Liberals. 

It is fair to say that, during the seven years that our paths crossed as CM and trade union official, we didn’t always agree on everything. In fact, many will recall the various times when we called upon our members and other unions to take to the streets in defence of our rights as a collective. It is also right to say however, that having worked with many Chief Ministers over the years, it was always a distinct pleasure to work with Fabian.

Despite the differences that sometimes arose between us by virtue of our respective positions, Fabian was always friendly, always listened and was courteous to a fault. He displayed a social conscience and a humanity I had rarely come across and whenever he could help, he did.

It is for this reason that now that I have retired from Unite as an official, I can freely express my political affinity. I have decided to return to the GSLP family to help them through this election campaign as I sincerely believe it’s the best alternative in such difficult times with Brexit looming over our heads. I have spent my days and evenings working through this campaign with all my party colleagues, brothers and sisters, supporting them in any way I can. I am of the clear view that the only socialist party, the only home for trade unionists and workers in Gibraltar, is the GSLP led by Fabian Picardo.

Whilst still in the union in 2016, Unite fought a remain campaign with tooth and nail. After receiving the negative results of being dragged into an unwanted exit threat, Unite pioneered many events and platforms shared with Fabian both locally and abroad in the defence and protection of all our workers and Gibraltar’s best interests at large.

I have had the privilege and honour to see Fabian at his best both in UK and Spain defending and securing the best Brexit deal for Gibraltar.

Gibraltar could not wish for a better defenders of its interests in both Fabian Picardo and Joseph Garcia. Therefore, in keeping with my Trade Union principles, values and my socialist political convictions, I believe that the GSLP Liberals must be returned to office on October 17th and why I will be voting for all TEN candidates of the GSLP Liberals on the day of the election. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I do sincerely believe it is no time for a change and in respect of delivering the best results for Gibraltar under the current Brexit uncertainty, keeping a GSLP Liberal alliance in Government for the next four years, is the most prudent choice to make.

Yours sincerely

Victor Ochello

Retired Unite the Union Regional Officer