We have the team to meet the Brexit challenge



The GSLP want to convince you that this election is about BREXIT. But it is about much more than just that however important it is.

They will tell you that they are the only ones that should take Gibraltar forward in the run up to BREXIT. But what is the case for that? 

First we do not know for sure when and how BREXIT will happen. No party contesting this election knows that because the precise timing is out of our hands. These are matters being largely decided in London and Brussels. Secondly any party elected will need to navigate Gibraltar carefully through these uncertain times however they pan out.

Civil servants have been planning no deal contingencies and that planning would be inherited by any future Government as a base for further work.

The crucial aspect therefore is who can you trust to best handle Gibraltar’s governance during those uncertain times.

We are a party with a clear record of giving money back to people. We lowered tax from 49% to an effective 25% during our 16 years in Government. We consolidated the reputation of the finance centre, grew the economy and created 11,000 more jobs in the economy doubling the size of the job market when we were first elected. We conducted Gibraltar’s external affairs safely and securely. We defeated joint sovereignty.

The new GSD that I lead is built on the same values of the Party which I served with in Government modernized for our times. We have a radical and exciting manifesto. With a clear vision for the future and a long-term strategy for Gibraltar. Our Gibraltar 2050 strategy is a forward looking analysis of how to handle the future economic, social and environmental needs of our community in a balanced way.

We are a team that can be trusted with the economy and on BREXIT. The GSLP cannot be trusted on either. They said in 2011 in their manifesto that they would at least halve the gross public debt. Instead of cutting it by at least 50% as they promised they have almost tripled it to £1.3 Billion. On top of that they have mortgaged housing estates and spent your money without telling you how it has been spent. We will tell you exactly how your money is spent and reduce the public debt.

We have the team to handle BREXIT. It is a team that combines experience and freshness. Seven of our ten candidates have Ministerial or Parliamentary experience. We are ready for Government and the strong manifesto that we have produced which is constructed on the assumption BREXIT will happen is our plan for the future. If you want that future then vote for all ten GSD candidates to assure yourself of a GSD Government.