Leo Olivero

One important election issue I’m a sure politicians from all sides will be closely observing on Thursday is voter participation?

It’s fair to say that as a voting nation Gibraltar has always taken its democratic duties seriously recording some impressive voter turn out figures that would bring shame on many much larger democracies.

Voter Turnout Dropped in Last Election

The last election in 2015 registered a 70.8% voter turn out which was about 10% down from the 80.51% who voted in 2011. Though I don’t believe we can complain about local voter participation the 10% drop in the last election was surprising to many!

Masses of people will be called to show their support, today, in the last day of campaigning, where the GSLP/Liberals, the GSD and Together Gibraltar including to the two independents will rally their troops for one last time before Thursday’s marathon day of voting:

All the fun starts when polling stations open at 9am straight through till 10pm

But as I have said on previous election days, it’s not only the people who attend these mass meetings who will decide the election. It is those who stay at home, carry no party flag or colours, and decide their vote based on their assessment of what the three parties have to offer. Many have already made up their mind, others are still thinking about it?