GSLP/Libs hold their last election press conference on Brexit topic

The GSLP/Libs held their last Press Conference yesterday on the topic of Brexit. The party had held two press conferences every day since last Monday to highlight the key points on their manifesto in a variety of areas such as housing, tourism, the environment, education etc.

Attending this specific press conference was the GSLP’s Leader Fabian Picardo and the Liberal Party's Leader Dr Joseph Garcia, who has been the minister for Brexit affairs. 

Said Mr Picardo:‘The first nuance that we need to consider is if there is no deal on Thursday, and what happens as the UK faces a possibility of no deal, and are we ready for any of those eventualities. The second consideration is that there is a deal on Thursday, and what comes forward to the Parliament in Westminister on Saturday is the approval of the deal, does it get approved by the majority of the House of Commons, does Brexit then happen on the 31st of October or do any of the other permutations that we’ve discussed apply in any event and is the Prime Minister removed by the majority of others in the House of Commons.'

He added: ‘All the parties in this election have identified that Brexit with no deal is a big problem for Gibraltar, it could raise economic difficulties. The key factor for us is to ensure that we keep Gibraltar safe, steady and secure in that eventuality.’

Dr Garcia said: “I want to emphasise first of all that this is the most important election that Gibraltar has ever faced in our history. How the elections have taken place in the past against the background of the closure of the border or against the closure of the naval dockyard for example, Brexit is something which is absolutely fundamental and goes to the way in which we have conducted our affairs for many years. It’s taken place against an uncertain background which is shifting, moving and changing all the time. Taking account of those shifts and those changes that are happening at the very moment that we are carrying out our planning exercises.”

He continued, ‘I think it’s important to say that we’ve been very conscious of the need not to generate a lot of panic amongst the population, by saying things in relation, first of all, to the departure at the end of March, to the 12th of April, and now the end of October, and even then there’s uncertainty as to whether it will be the end of October or it won’t. We have planned for a No Deal Brexit in a very prudent, in a very sensible and a very methodical way.’