The GSLP Liberals have today welcomed the diligent, balanced and entirely professional work of the Gibraltar’s media during the campaign for the General Election.

The Leader of the GSLP Liberals, Fabian Picardo, said: “We have engaged in twice-daily press conferences so that all members of our excellent team could answer questions from the media and all others who turned up at our campaign headquarters in Irish Place. 

"We held a GSLP EGM, a GSLP Liberals Public Meeting to launch our manifesto and a Public Rally at the Piazza. We have participated in a very busy TV, radio and printed media programme of debate and interaction with the voters, participated at the debate organised by the GFSB, dinners by various associations and embarked on a thorough programme of hustings all over Gibraltar, even over the weekends, as well as issuing press releases on topical subjects. "The other political parties have also been engaging in their own campaigns with other and similar activities.

“Through it all, we were accompanied by broadcasters, journalists and operatives from all of Gibraltar’s media outlets and they were all, to a person, entirely courteous, responsive and readily available to cover what I believe has been the GSLP Liberals’ most intense campaign yet. The other parties have similarly seen their activities covered by the journalists who have worked all hours to ensure that they accurately and properly reported on the respective campaigns of all the political parties and the two independents.

“We in the GSLP Liberals have been determined to do all that we could and work every hour to honour our commitment to the People and respect the electorates right to hear and question what we were proposing. We hope to have earned the People’s trust for another four years. Yet without the patience, the attendance and the diligence of the media, our message would not have been delivered to the People of Gibraltar. We simply would not have reached the public.

“I therefore want to end this campaign by saying a big thank you to the people behind the cameras, behind the keyboards and pens, behind the sound and video control desks, to those who organised polls and counted fake ballots to give us an indication of public opinion and to the people who have helped us to get the message into the homes up and down our nations. I genuinely and sincerely commend all those involved for having conducted themselves in such a professional and peerless fashion. I am sure they are looking forward to a well-earned break this weekend, whoever the new administration may be.

They deserve it.

"On behalf of the GSLP Liberals I lead, thank you to all media professionals for all your hard work during these last few weeks.”