Cuantos votos...

Cuantos votos, querida Cynthia, esta la cosa enloquecida, if you ask me.

I don't have to ask you, because you speak without being asked, dear

Cloti, pero I know what you mean.

Have you voted?

Claro que si, pero que lio with so many candidates. Is this normal? 

I don't know what you mean, but it is normal to have more or to have less candidates in an hellection, pero es que ha salido un third party, so that means 30 candidates - - and with two independents, la cosa gains momentum.

Clero que si, I mean, I couldn't find my favourite candidates with so many of them, gosh all we need now is another party to make it four.

I will tell you that there are rumours of a fourth party, so imaginate what a fandango it will be at the next hellection.

Es que los politicos salen por todas partes, todo el mundo wants to be an honourable, which is the title the elected ones have.

Digo que si. Y con tantos debates, tengo la cabeza loca, I mean how do you follow so many arguments, as if we weer all lawyers.

My dear, don't mention the word lawyer porque some people get upset, pero no se por que, after all this is a free society and one can be whatever one wants to be.

Claro que si. Pero let's not come up with a new argument porque we have been hearing so many que I have lost track.

Bueno, que gane quien gane, and hasta la otra.

That's it, let's sharpen our minds porque la cosa se pone more complicated by the day. Ta, ta.