GSLP/Libs get their ten candidates elected and win the general election

The GSLP/Libs won the general election with 53% of the votes, their candidates coming top of the list.

Fabian Picardo topped the candidates list with 9961 votes, followed by Dr Joseph Garcia with 9672 votes.

The three bottom candidates in the GSLP/Libs list were Balban, Sacramento and Daryanani. 

TG leader Marlene Hassan Nahon topped the seven Opposition candidates, followed by Damon Bossino, Daniel Feetham and Keith Azopardi followed at the bottom of the GSD list by Roy Clinton, Elliott Phillips and Edwin Reyes.

All the others, from both the GSD and the TG, as well as the two Independents, were not elected.

There was immediate speculaton about the leadership of the GSD. It was TG candidate Hassan Nahon who topped the Opposition list, well ahead of the remaining six candidates, all from the GSD.

The two Independent candidates obtained negligible support.

Although GSD leader Azopardi did not top the Opposition list, and came in after Bossino and Feetham, he gave the impression that he had no wish to resign, saying he was not a quitter. He said he had worked hard to stabilise the GSD.