Serious breach of our territory, says Movement

Gibraltar's New Movement said that the incident whereby Spanish "Proteccion Civil" officers have not been stopped when driving across our border, was a situation that is very worrying for the people of Gibraltar and causes alarm.

Gibraltar's New Movement adds that it is appalled and concerned about this incident as the "Proteccion Civil", which is a uniformed body of the Spanish state, has managed to pass through the Frontier in an official vehicle and wearing the full State issued uniforms into Gibraltar passing through the Spanish entry check point and Gibraltar’s immigration then HM Customs check point un-challenged. 

Then managed to drive around and into the centre of the City walls and conduct personally purchases from local businesses as casual and blatantly before being noticed and challenged.

This is very concerning and should not have happened, they said.

And added: There are 3 manned check points for entry in to Gib. The Spanish check point coming in followed by Borders & Coastguard and lastly by the Customs check point. There is no excuse for this.

Gibraltar’s New Movement demands for an investigation from the relevant authorities into this serious breach of our territory by Spanish state officials and the lack of proper security checks and observance from two of our local authorities that man's Gibraltar’s entry and exit points.


Gibraltar’s New Movement would also like to know why they were escorted to New Mole House and shortly afterwards released? Is it because the police gave a warning but wanted to release them quickly to hush things up?

They add: This is very concerning and needs to be addressed and implementations put in place to completely avoid this situation from happening again.