Options for representation at Westminster Parliament

Dear Sir,

Our Movement commends the GSLP/Liberal Alliance for including in their Manifesto,at page 39, the following : “It is therefore important to investigate fully the options available to Gibraltar for representation at the Westminster Parliament”. We value this as a positive step out of all the meetings our Committee has held with Chief Minister Fabian Picardo QC, Dr. Garcia, the Deputy Chief Minister, and Michael Llamas QC, the Attorney General for Gibraltar over the last five years.

We have informed the Chief Minister that we place ourselves at the service of Government on this issue and that we are ready to participate in the forthcoming Constitutional Conference, which we hope will be convened very soon now whether or not Brexit happens.

Our signature Petition campaign , as everyone is aware, produced 14,000 signatures, the highest number of signatures ever collected in a local Petition, testifies to the fact that there is extensive public support for this cause, which is now on the political agenda. There is now a pressing need to look at the technical details of how to put this reform, along with others, into effect and promoting Gibraltar's interests.


The Committee

Representation in Westminster Movement.