Good news for Representation in Westminster

Dear Sir,
It is encouraging to our Representation in Westminster Movement read in THE DAILY TELEGRAPH’S edition of the 26th of this month, an article by political reporter Daniel Capurro quoting the The Hon. Fabian Picardo’s words, “Having some representation at Westminster, perhaps even in the upper house, I think would be an important way of having the voice of the people of Gibraltar heard in London directly.”

This is excellent news for Gibraltar’s Representation in Westminster Movement who has been campaigning since the year 2000 for this Option of Representation in Westminster, though our Movement is not campaigning for Integration of the 1960’s, since this is no longer necessary given the attainment of Devolved Powers to regions of the U.K. such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.

Having gained Devolved Powers in the 1969 and 2006 Constitutions it is unnecessary for it to seek any other kind of new status other than Representation in both Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons where Gibraltar would have its own elected voice to make representations as necessary when matters concerning Gibraltar arise, also representation in the House of Lords where member are not ‘elected’ but ‘nominated’ normally for personal meritorious reasons. Mostly serious matters arise in the House of Commons, The Lower House, but these need scrutinised and approved by the House of Lords, The Upper House, in this House the nominated person is not a representative of Gibraltar, though nominated from Gibraltar, though we think that this not a difficult situation to overcome.

Once the Option of Representation in Westminster is accepted in principle by all parties our Movement believes that the next step would be to grant Gibraltar a Constituency, in accord with the British Electoral commission’s advice, the new Member of Parliament for Gibraltar would emerge from there. For this to be practical the assignment of such a Constituency Gibraltar can be accorded the status of an Autonomous/Self-governing Devolved Region of the U.K.

The result would be a seat with an elected representative in the House of Commons for Gibraltar with a constituency that would be a new Autonomous/Self Governing Devolved Region of the UK, plus a nominated person in the House of Lords.

Imagine the prestigious boost for the new political image of Gibraltar when the World looks at Gibraltar as an Autonomous Region of the UK, with Representation in Westminster. At the same time Gibraltar would gain in Political Security by advancing from the level of a so-called Colony to going in ‘oneness’ with Great Britain.


Joe L. Caruana MBE; GMD