Holding a referendum cuando nos da la gana

Holding a referendum cuando nos da la gana

Blimey, quieren hacer un referendum on el abortion on St Joseph's Day, is this mixing someting like that with religion?

Querida Cynthia, that's how it may look, pero I am sure que es un despiste, and anyway los parliamentarians can change the date if they wish to.

Well, let's wait and see, porque esta el mundo full of suprises, Cloti dear. 

Cuando meno, here we can hold a referendum cuando nos da la gana, y en Barcelona mira lo que pasa.

How true, pero es que el British democracy is not igual to that of others, there you are.

Digo que si, I mean, I remember el referendum that we held in our dear Gibraltar about el joint sovereignty, when every Tom, Dick and Harry was saying it was illegal.

That's what they said, pero we took no notice and went ahead with it, and now everyone agrees that the people took a view y eso es lo que manda.

Y que me cuentas de los elite UK troops who came to Gibraltar to practice what to do if the nuclear armaments are ever threatened.

My dear, I don't know what the Rock hides, pero it shows that our Gibraltar remains an important place for the military, and why not, after all our Rock became famous as an impregnable fortress.

Digo que si, my dear, that is something to remember and to talk about, porque los Espanish tried on three occasions to take over what has become our homeland y no pudieron.

There you are, Gibraltarian to the core and British forever.

And now, let's see if we can get a seat in the House of Commons because, if we are part of the British Family, that seat is due to us, verdad my dear?

Yes indeed, so let's see who wins the UK hellection porque los de Boris have been our best friends, and with them in power, we could go places, como dice mi querido husband.

Y tu husband sane un rato about politics, so there may be something in it, my dear.

Digo que si, pero los de Gibraltar Together se han quedado mudo after the hellection, por algo sera.

I don't know, pero ya nos enteraremos, for now it's goodbye de melon.

Adios chicharona.