Representation in Westminster Movement welcome PANORAMA article

*The Representation in Westminster Movement have welcomed our 'Panoramic View by Joe Garcia' article, headed 'What Gibraltar must aspire to is representation in the House of Commons - nothing else will do!', which we published on Friday. They have sent us the following letter:

Dear Sir,

Our Movement takes notice, gladly, of your Editorial comments in your issue of the 1st of November with the title Panoramic View, referring to our Press Release published in your newspaper on the 31st October with the title GOOD NEWS FOR REPRESENTATION IN WESTMINSTER. 

We are entirely in agreement with your views that “I think it is true to say that support for Gibraltar in UK government circles has never been as great as it is now, so surely we have to ensure that such support translates into something more tangible and important than a seat in the Lords - because once we accept that, there are those who will think that the issue is now resolved when, in effect, it is not.”

This is a perfectly correct observation, that is why our Movement, in the second paragraph of our Press Release of the 31st Oct. Say, “It is unnecessary to seek any other kind of status other than Representation in both Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons where Gibraltar would have its own elected voice to make representations as necessary when matters concerning Gibraltar arise, also representation in the House of Lords where members are not ‘elected’ but ‘nominated’.

We also say in the third paragraph, “The next step would be to grant Gibraltar a Constituency, in accord with the British Electoral Commission’s advice, the new Member of Parliament (the MP) for Gibraltar would emerge from there, (the New Constituency).”

In order to emphasise the importance we have given to the point which you correctly raise we say in the fourth paragraph, “The result would be a seat with an elected representative in the House of Commons for Gibraltar with a constituency that would be a new Autonomous/Self-governing Devolved Region of the UK, PLUS a nominated person in the House of Lords."

We thank you for your input into this matter and hope we have made our position clear.


Joe L Caruana for the Committee

Representation in Westminster Movement.