Picardo tells London of Gibraltar’s political and economic success

At a financial services lunch in London yesterday, the chief minister Fabian Picardo said: "It is particularly pleasing to be able to host this event less than 20 days since we won the recent General Election in Gibraltar.

"An election that renders Gibraltar a bastion of European political stability.

"Our neighbours, Spain are on their fourth election in four years. 

"The United Kingdom is on its third in four years.

"Meanwhile, back on the Rock, we are intent on the old tradition of elections just every 4 years delivering clear majorities in Parliament. And, indeed, to add to the sense of political stability on the Rock, allow me the unusual step of paraphrasing the great Meatloaf in an otherwise serious speech.

"It is undoubtedly political 'paradise by the dash board light' to be able to say that 3 out of 3 elections won ain't bad at all!"

He added: What's also not bad at all is to be able to report on constant and consistent economic growth in Gibraltar in the past 8 years since we took over Government, and in the years before also. In the time for which we have been responsible for the management of our economy, it has grown by almost 100%. Our GDP has gone from £1.2 Billion in 2011 to over £2.4 Billion now. A growth of over £100% in eight years.

Not bad for a socialist government on the shores of the Mediterranean!