Welcome to new Speaker in Westminster parliament

Dear Sir,

The Representation in Westminster Movement gladly welcomes the appointment of Sir Lindsay Hoyle as Speaker of the House, the writer has known Sir Lindsay and his father Lord Douglas Lindsay since 1998, both have been strong supporters for Gibraltar to get Representation in Westminster. 

During the debate on the Enfranchisement European Bill of February 2003, Sir Lindsay Hoyle said the following: “We should be proud of the fact that this House has recognised the rights of the people of Gibraltar. Hon. Members on both sides of the House have rightly said that we should look to the Minister to pass on to her friends and colleagues in the Government the feeling that now we have given the people of Gibraltar the vote for Europe we should give them the vote for Westminster. We must take that on board.

"As I said, I went to Gibraltar to observe the referendum on 7th November. The clear result was that its people have no wish for Joint sovereignty, so the question is; what next for Gibraltar? We were told by the Foreign Secretary that the status quo is not an option, so we must look for something else. As joint sovereignty was rightly rejected, we must look at alternatives such as integration with the United Kingdom and representation of Gibraltar in the House. It has been said that Gibraltar has no elected Member in Parliament, but perhaps we should consider that in future.”

Andrew Mackinlay former MP said in the same debate; “Certainly, the matter was within the competence of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, not my noble Friend the Lord Chancellor. My right hon. Friend was giving advice and counsel that it could not be done. That was coupled with political considerations advanced by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as arguments for urging that it must not be done.

"I deeply regret the fact that the British Government had to introduce the Bill because the courts ordered them to do so, rather than their saying “It is a matter of rights and of enfranchising people.”

That is a great tragedy. I do not know whether the electorate, or the 1almighty, will allow me to stay here for another decade, but I am calling now for us to have a Member of Parliament for Gibraltar. I shall be told, “It can’t be done. Don’t be silly”. .... “I also hope that the people of Gibraltar will ask them where they stand on extending the people’s franchise to their Parliament, which is this Parliament. That will be the big test”.

Several other MPs stood up supporting the same view, Andrew Rosindell, William Cash, David Ruffley, Geraldine Smith and Mr. Heath.

It is plainly clear from this debate and the turmoil brought about by the Brexit situation that the safest route for Gibraltar is to bravely go for Representation in Westminster for Gibraltar by making Gibraltar a part of the United Kingdom as an Autonomous Devolved Region of it. It is the politically and economically way for Gibraltar’s new future out of Europe.

Joe L Caruana,

Representation in Westminster Movement