Why Gibraltar must not drop its guard

The Vox party leader Abascal has lost no time in saying that if Britain says that to hand over Clara Ponsati would be disproportionate, what is proportionate is for Spain to close the border with Gibraltar. This may never happen because Vox will not win Sunday's general election in Spain, but it shows that there are still Spanish politicians willing to take action against Gibraltar - and why Gibraltar must never drop its guard. 

After the Spanish election debate earlier this week, Vox has been gaining support in Spain and it remains to be seen what happens at the election on Sunday. If the Right make headway, and they have a need to strike a coalition deal, the Vox party would probably be ready and willing to gain power through that vehicle.

After Brexit, a Spanish Gibraltar? That was the headline in a Spanish paper yesterday, so it is evident that there are those ready to join an anti-Gibraltar bandwagon. They then consider old-hat arguments about the old Spanish claim.

Of course for as long as Britain and Gibraltar remain firm on the issue, there might be some shouting in Spain about a Spanish Gibraltar, but that is one thing, it is something else that Spain would make progress in their sovereignty claim.

But one can consider all kinds of arguments about this old chestnut, the fact is that after more than 300 years , it is inconceivable that there could be a desire for a change in sovereignty in Gibraltar. This does not mean that there are those in Spain who are not eager to make things difficult, such as Abascal and his right-wing party who will grasp at anything, as already seen, to try and make headway.

That is why, as already stated, Gibraltar must not drop its guard, whatever the amount of Spanish smiles and handshakes that may ensue at any time. The Rock wants friendship and good neighbourly relations. But each in its own home.