We will fight lies and hatred against Gibraltar being spread by the Vox party in Spain, says Picardo

The result of the Spanish general election has confirmed re-election polling that suggested both that the Socialist Party would be the largest party and that the far right Vox would make significant gains.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said: "The fact that the PSOE is the largest party to emerge from the Spanish election this weekend will be welcomed by many in Gibraltar. He added: "I have written to the leader of the Socialist party, Pedro Sanchez, to congratulate him on his victory. 

"The rise of Vox, a party that has made false and disparaging remarks about Gibraltar, will nonetheless also be a concern to many. As we celebrate 100 years since the end of the first World War, 75 years next year since Victory in Europe and 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall we have to be conscious of the rise, once again, of the far right in Europe.

"We must combat the populist narrative of parties like Vox with something as damning and dangerous to it as the truth. Let no one have any doubt that we will do that, fighting their attempt to spread lies about us and to incite hatred against us, in every relevant forum and tribunal."


As reported by PANORAMA yesterday, Vox's No.2 hurled insults against Gibraltar at a pre-election meeting in Algeciras saying Gibraltar was a cave of pirates and Picardo was their leader; Gibraltar was also accused of being a den of thieves.

If that was the kind of thing they spread when they were nobody, now that they have become the third political force in Spain is bound to encourage them to attack Gibraltar further.

Their nationalist sentiments are bound to put Gibraltar up front in their thinking, their leader Abascal already talking about closing down the border - policies which could well force the PSOE to think twice before adopting reasonable policies about Gibraltar.