“PSOE Still Thinks Rock is a Colony and Tax Haven”

Little difference for Gibraltar between Spanish Political Left or Far Right!

Leo Olivero

Should we all breath a sigh of relief because the PSOE party overcame the far-right VOX surge in Sunday’s Spanish elections, I don’t think so?

I do not agree we should be patting Pedro Sanchez on the back, not only because he has emerged politically weaker having made an almighty cock-up when he called the national election in Spain. But mainly, because I am against Gibraltar extending neighbourly political gestures or niceties at every opportunity, when absolutely nothing has changed with the Spanish Political attitude and position towards Gibraltar. I have this information from a reliable Spanish political source and other related news. A story that will feature in a future Panorama report. 

Reading into the Governments press release yesterday on the result of the Spanish elections you would think Gibraltar was about to enter a new political era with Madrid, when in fact it’s as bad as it has ever been. And why I do not agree as the Chief Minister suggested, “Gibraltar had welcomed the PSOE party led by Pedro Sanchez emerging as the largest party after the election” An election result that actually means ‘Jack-Shxt to’ me!!!

But I do agree with the other part of Governments statement where it said “We must combat the populist narrative of parties like Vox with something as damning and dangerous to it as the truth. Let no one have any doubt that we will do that, fighting their attempt to spread lies about us and to incite hatred against us, in every relevant forum and tribunal”

However, that intrepid part of the Government statement should also include the Gibraltar Government also combatting the ‘on-going socialist PSOE damaging narratives’ against Gibraltar which are also damning and dangerous when the socialist led government constantly spreads its lies on the World and European Political Stage, as we saw recently at the United Nations and frequently at the European Union in Brussels at every level.

So please lets not kid ourselves about Spanish politics and in trying to deduce which party is best for Gibraltar. Because in reality, none of them are, when are we going to learn that simple fact of life?