New committee for Together Gibraltar

The new executive of Together Gibraltar is formed by Jackie Anderson, Christiana Ballester, Benjy Cuby, Daniel Ghio, Nabila Gomez, Neil Hayes, Ivan Hernandez, Kamlesh Khubchand, Isaac Massias, John Montegriffo, Jordan Perez, Erica Pozo, Craig Sacarello, Neil Samtani, Tamsin Suarez and Michelle Trinidad. 

The new board chosen by the executive is constituted by Neil Samtani as Secretary, Christiana Ballester as Treasurer and Ivan Hernandez and Chairperson.

The new executive also ratified the party leadership endorsing Marlene Hassan Nahon as Leader of Together Gibraltar.

They say that since the general election Together Gibraltar has been restructuring internally with the participation of its members. An election to choose the party executive has been held and been open to the entire membership. Members were asked to come forward to become part of the executive and those who were eligible then faced being elected by the membership.

There were a total of 38 members that came forward, with four not being eligible and one dropping out before the election was over. The voting process commenced on the 8th of November and ended on the 13th of November at 12:00.

The results were then announced on the evening of the 13th November in an EGM where the board was also chosen by the new executive and the leadership of the party was ratified.

"We are very pleased to have undertaken this exercise in internal democracy, openness and transparency where the membership has chosen who to represent and work for them for the next 2 years where the process will be repeated," they said. "Everyone who has taken part, both as a candidate or as a voter should feel proud to have taken part in this process that sets Together Gibraltar apart from other Parties.

"We are now ready to keep on working and being a constructive and effective opposition and holding the Government to account."