Miracle accident in Ragged Staff area

It was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt, when a motor bike was 'squashed' between two other vehicles in the Ragged Staff area on Queensway.

Initial information was that the motorcyclist suffered only minor injuries, despite the dramatic nature of the accident. The way it looks, it could have been worse. 

The other evening on the runway there was another traffic accident that caused much concern, with someone being taken to hospital in Spain and another person suffering from a broken leg.

These two accidents, and many minor ones that do not get reported, show that traffic in Gibfraltar is going through a dangerous curve.

The time is long overdue for the Police to review their present traffic procedures which clearly do not appear to be working.

The RGP cannot simply behave as bystanders as if they did not have a properly organised traffic department. People complain of the lack of police presence on our busy roads, all of which seems to point at more traffic accidents on our roads - and increasingly of a more serious nature.

What are we waiting for?