Gibraltar Gib Gems ranked second in Britain and come top in Ball and Freehand Routine

The GGA have continued their rigorous training regime these past months, in preparation for the final competition of the year, which took place this weekend in Stoke-On-Trent.

The competition started early on Saturday morning with both Gibraltar Espoir groups competing in the Group League Elite Espoir Category with Freehand and Ball Apparatus.

Gib Gems (Nyah Galia, Thea Cawthorn, Lauren Garcia, Lili Murphy, Chanel Trinidad) performed an extraordinary and best to date Ball Routine, and they also managed a captivating Freehand Routine in which with overall scores of both performances of the day they won first place.

This Weekend's Competition was also to ascertain who were the Group League winners, and this was determined by adding each groups top three Ball and Freehand Scores over the three rounds, and we are very proud to announce that the GIBRALTAR Gib Gems have ranked 2nd in Great Britain.

The Gib Stars (Sienna Zarb, Faith Guilliano, Izzie Hillman, Alyse Lombard-Leiria, Jasmine Vaughan) did not enter in the full league round; nonetheless they did compete this weekend as their performance also attributes to squad selection process for the coming season. 

They did a beautiful ball routine and a cheery, great freehand routine, but some unfortunate mistakes placed them in 10th position.

On the Sunday Lili Murphy competed in the Individual Open Espoir Section. Lili was up against 104 Competitors and her stunning Rope routine placed her 7th and her elegant and touching freehand routine placed her 9th. Lili will continue to now train as an individual for next year’s competition season.

This ends the season with the GGA on a new high. "We have seen this year two groups and one Individual qualify for British National Championships, in which two bronze medals were won and a 5th overall ranking at British National Championships," said statement.

One group was selected for GBR National squad, and one Group selected for GBR Aspire squad, and have now finished the league with the last round with a 1st place win and the final ranking for 2019 as 2nd overall in Great Britain.

Head Coach Sally Holmes says that she is very proud of all gymnasts, it has been a very busy and exhausting year for all especially with the added extra squad training. However, the improvement made from the gymnasts has been duly observed and thus were congratulated by coaches and judges of British Gymnastics.