Dear Sir,

I have followed with great interest the hot issue of 'MUJERES MALTRATADA' and VIOLENCIA MACHISTA' in the press and Spanish Tv.

I can only applaud the efforts and initiatives instigated and implemented by Minister for Equality, The Hon. Samantha Sacramento to address this important subject in Gibraltar by changing and implementing new laws. 

In Spain alone 1028 women have been killed by their partners since 2003.

In Mexico10women are killed every day.

So far this year 52 women have lost their lives in Spain, victims of such domestic violence.

The statistics in every country are stunning.

It is obvious to me that laws alone cannot stop this kind of horrible crime. In my estimation, it is important and life-saving for each threatened women to learn some land of self-defence because the victim is usually killed when there is no policeman or family member to help her.

It is the same with bullying at work. We read that new laws have been enacted to stop bullying at work and yet the number of victims seems to be on the rise. According to DAWN about 5000 people are bullied in Gibraltar.

It is up to the victim to learn how to defend himself or herself. It is the victim who has to put his safety and dignity before the job. One door closes and another one opens. Fear of losing a job should not be the prime consideration in accepting any kind of bullying. Quite often the bully is a coward and someone has to stand up to him and teach him a lesson, so I also recommend some form of self-defence to any victims of bullying. It is better to lose a job than to lose one's dignity. It is better for a woman in danger of being attacked by an aggressive partner to paralyse him than to end dead in a cemetery. As they say in Spain 'De la prision se sale, pero de la tumba no.'

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully

Tito Valerga