Danza Academy Annual Choreography Competition

Danza Academy Annual Choreography Competition

Danza Academy staged its ever popular Choreography Competition. The packed event was hosted by Danza Director Zuleika Green. The exceptional work of the dancers marveled the audience, judges and teachers alike .

The evening opened with a Classical Flamenco display choreographed especially for this occasion. This ensemble of dancers were last year chosen over thousands of applicants to dance in London’s Excel Centre, at the prestigious Move It Main stage, with “Libertad’ a piece composed by Maestro Aaron Monteverde. The piece performed in this occasion was of a very similar nature.

The Danza babies then took the stage. Aged two and a half to 4 their simple choreographies were most welcomed by the audience. 

The competition then unfolded with categories divided into different age groups as those devised by The International Dance Federation Dance Association, Minis (aged 6-9), Youth (10-13), Juniors (13 -16) and Adults (17plus). An Improvisation Competition also ran parallel in this event.

Winners were as follows:

Choreography Section:

Mini Category -

1st Celine Sciortino (Solo)

2nd Evie Rodriguez (Solo)

3rd Analia Romero & Hannah Blackshaw (Duet)

Youth Category -

1st Sweet Dreams (Group Piece)

Adrianne Durante, Sebastian Diaz, Amy Segovia, Elsa Parody, Maxine Sciortino, Rebecca Benggio, Eva Doherty & Katie Jessop

2nd Sebastian Diaz (Solo)

3rd Elsa Parody (Solo) & Amy Segovia (Solo)

Junior Category:

1st Anna Hernandez (Solo)

2nd Money Heist (Group Piece) & Aliyah Alsina (Solo)

Gabrielle Mcglashan, Shannon Pozo, Hannah Collado, Arianne Buhagiar, Shania Parody, Robyn Celecia & Kate Desoiza

3rd Nathan Anson (Solo) & Searie Mcglashan (Solo)

Improvisation Section:

Mini Category -

1st Analia Romero

2nd Lucia Diaz

3rd Hannah Blackshaw

Youth Category -

1st Sebastian Diaz

2nd Rebecca Benggio

3rd Kate Vinent


Dr. John Cortes Cup for the Most Theatrical Dancer: Anna Hernandez

Henry Sacramento Cup for the Most Charismatic Dancer: Rebecca Benggio

Alfred Rumbo Cup for the Most Promising Dancer: Gemma Casciaro

Derek Desoiza Cup for the Most Outstanding Dancer: Aliyah Alsina

Lionel Perez Cup for the Most Creative Dancer: Nathan Anson

The Judges on this occasion had a tremendous task as the work was of an exception standard. In the panel were Shyanne Azzopardi, Francesca Hemming and Nicky Bishop all holders of dance degrees and currently in the teaching profession. The latter two teachers of dance at Westside School. Also part of the panel were Mr Derek Desoisa and Mr Alfred Rumbo, both great dance enthusiasts and directors and producers of various local shows. Also present as a judge was newly appointed Minister for Culture John Cortes.

This was his first public appearance since his appointment and the Minister praised the work of the Dancers and the Academy which he has had a strong connection for years. Minister Cortes in the past has performed in various leading roles in Danza Academy productions and has hosted various Academy events such as The Annual Choreography Competition which this year happened to be the 23rd.

“Our students never cease to surprise us as do their families who support this event. It is such a fun filled, creative and magical event that past dancers and their families still continue to come and support it. At Danza we feel that developing the students choreographic skills is of paramount importance as they delve and explore deeper layers of our art form and this in turn enhances all their theatrical dance performances no matter what the style.

Today’s dancers, in the highly competitive professional industry, need to be extremely versatile and being able to choreograph in a variety of styles is a most valuable asset. Many of our past students, currently in the dance industry as dancers or teachers, always value this and remember their participation with nostalgia at our humble yet productive event. We feel proud that we offer a great platform with amazing lights and an experienced photographer to capture those treasured moments.

Usually the works of an extremely high calibre are later tweaked and used at greater events. In the past we have had a hand full of pieces achieving podium positions and winning at The International Dance Federation World Dance Championships. This fills the young dancers with confidence and the urge to continue creating and believing in their choreographic thoughts. We all inspire each other and even on that same night the dancers start discussing on what they want to create the following year.” said Danza Director Anne-Marie Gomez.