RGP urge cyclists not to drive on pavements and footpaths

The RGP is advising the general public that it is an offence to ride bicycles or e-scooters on pavements and footpaths in town under Control of Traffic Regulations.

Following a series of complaints received about cyclists driving without consideration for pedestrians in the area of La Bateria and in footpaths such as the one beside the new GBC building in Rosia Road in the mornings, the RGP urge cyclists to comply with traffic regulations.

“Cyclists need to understand the dangers of cycling on pavements and the potential for collision and injury created by those who ride recklessly,” said an RGP spokesman.

Cyclists are also reminded to check their tyres, lights and wear appropriate helmets before taking to the road.

Only motorized three or four wheeled scooters designed for persons with infirmities are exempted from the prohibition of riding on pavements and footpaths.

Meanwhile, as Operation Roadwatch goes into full swing this week in the run up to Christmas, the RGP has reiterated its zero policy approach to drinking and driving.

Additionally police is warning against the use of mobile phones while driving and speeding.

Although the RGP is keen to ensure that members of the public comply with traffic regulations all the year round, the education of drivers to enhance road safety in Gibraltar is also a primary concern.

“Driver conscientiousness is essential. In the same way people take care of their family and property, so too should they develop good road manners. Ultimately this is about assuming personal responsibility,” they added.

Operation Roadwatch is activated during Christmas and summer with additional resources and strict enforcement guidelines.

“We will be targeting traffic hotspots as part of Operation Roadwatch and coming down hard on drink drivers and other traffic offenders,” said the RGP spokesman.