Highway Robbery on Line Wall Road

Leo Olivero

When somebody pays out money it’s usually for a service or something they have purchased. Parking your vehicle in a pay and display parking area is no different. Well, that’s what I thought, until once again this week, one of the pay and display machines on Line Wall Road decided to short change me in a devious like manner, by spitting out of the pay and display ticket machine, a ticket that recorded not only an hour less, but also £2 short in change that should have been returned from the original £3 inserted into the machine for a 2-hour parking slot! 

How the machine only registered £1 and then went on to print the corresponding one hour display ticket (see pic), but cleverly, it omitted to return the extra £2 that I had inserted that remained well inside the unrecorded part of machines accounting mechanism. A rather suspect operational business activity, though I’m not suggesting it’s intentional. But it does appear to be a common occurrence in favour of Gibraltar Car Parks LTD.