Drugs at its Worst Point Ever!

Leo Olivero

Drugs today in Gibraltar are stronger, cheaper, more freely available and more dangerous than they ever have been. No big surprise really, when geographically we have been cursed living next to a nation who for the past 10 years has ranked first in the European Union for cocaine/cannabis consumption and in terms of trafficking. Both latter practices have rubbed off on a number of locals and residents alike: ‘It’s not going to get any better as long as the Money and the Urge to Consume it is there’. The issue is what are we going to do about it? 

Over a number of years I have penned countless articles, reports and also conducted investigations for Panorama. I have also interviewed, supported and helped individuals and families to deal with this modern day scourge spreading across our society today.

Before 2003 when I left senior front line policing the local drug problem had soared dramatically. But without any doubt, today, this serious social problem is at its

Worst Point Ever with clear evidence... it is increasing by the month!

Drug misuse is affecting thousands of people in Gibraltar in one way or another every single day of the week. I have worked closely with Professionals and NGO’s who I admire and respect for the great personal dedication and commitment they put into treating and helping others. There is no doubt; we have a serious and complicated social problem on our hands’.