Who has actually benefitted from all this chaos?

Carmen Gomez

Gibraltar’s Chief minister said some time back “ I think we’ve agreed enough of the substance of the practical arrangements between us, the UK, the EU and Spain, that we might seek to put in place some sort of safety net.” I believe the Government has by now achieved this, and no doubt our community is much relieved to hear it. We all need to feel secure, especially now with what has been going down. 

In 2016 Boris Johnson said “for many of us who are deeply sceptical, the evolution has been roughly the same. We began decades ago to query the anti-democratic absurdities of the EU. ..Thanks to the referendum we find that a door has magically opened in our lives. We can see the sunlit meadows beyond. I believe we would be mad not to take this once in a lifetime chance to walk through that door.”

I wonder if he will be given the chance to do so this Friday, and if so, that we will be able to bask in sunlit meadows together with the rest of the British family, as we walk through that door!


Goodness me, some do like to “menear el potaje” in making us question our ancestral roots. I say that we cannot fully enjoy, or rightly celebrate three hundred years of British rule, unless we fully enjoy being British.

To take this further into the realms of being recognised as part of the UK family not just in spirit, but in effect, would mean to pass beyond the limits imposed on us by Spain’s outdated claim, and move on into a new freedom; a new freedom which only the UK Government can give us. At which time we can then turn round and say, “We are one”; and if Spain wants to pick a fight, they will have to take on England! That is if England has not by this time started to disintegrate.

Sir Winston Churchill is much remembered these days. Many believe he would have backed Brexit. Amongst other things he may have said along the way, it is recognised that he wanted a European assembly without executive power. On the other hand, Clement Atlee, leader of the Labour party, once declared that Europe must federate or perish. This is the thing.


The Tories may be at war with each other, but Labour is at war with its leader; and this has made the election campaign in the UK all the more convoluted and irrational. For just as happens in our home town, with friends and families being split apart because of their differing views on politics and parties; the remainers and the leavers in the UK, are close to being at each others throats. In the end many looking back will have to ask “who has actually benefitted from all this chaos?

From what I have witnessed in the news, as broadcasters have visited old haunting grounds of one party or another; one thing that has comes across all too often, is that people are tired of politics and disillusioned by them, and their politicians. They have appeared unable to face having to vote in another election for a party they may have defended in the past, but that they don’t think deserves to win this time around.

Boris Johnson has looked fragile and seemingly losing his grip when questions posed to him; or should I rather say, fired in bullet style fashion at him; in an accusing and harsh manner. What is it about the society we live in, that what we tend to criticise is actually being imitated by those very same people? I’m talking about the subject of bullying. The newscasters have become veritable bullies when they have smelt blood. Boris Johnson has appeared lost and vulnerable; as if deserted by those close to him. He has found difficulty in working out in his mind, quick and bold responses when faced with some awkward situation, and has not always given the impression of having the ability to respond firmly but with conviction, to matters put to him on his campaign trail.

Games have been played at the highest level; and since the stakes have been higher in this election than ever before due to the serious issue in hand, ie Brexit; the obvious winner; someone who is an old hand at mastering the art of the gladiator’s arena; has not been seen to be represented in the figure of Mr. Johnson. He has come across as unprotected, and this has debilitated him at controversial moments.


The fact that his party has been under great strain, has been much in evidence; and this in turn has affected the man in the street, who was being asked to vote yet again on an issue which should have been acted upon the first time around; but instead has been churned out and masticated to death, over the past few years.

There was this old fellow; Labour supporter of old, up North, who said, “I no longer believe in the Labour party and I don’t care for Corbyn; and although I may have time for Johnson, I can’t stomach the Tory party.” Some say they have reached the point where they don’t care to vote; whilst others wrestle with their consciences.

Well they will have voted by now; or not, as the case may be. Our future may not exactly hang in the balance, but much will depend on the outcome of this election. We trust that after inflicting such mayhem on what was our once, a more or less peaceful existence, we will not be made to endure any further duress in the near future.