Dear Sir,

Read with interest the article that appeared in the Panorama of the 11th of December 2019 reference to the 2 historical cannons that are placed on our historical fortress wall ,actually, Orange Bastion area next to the The American War Memorial.

I would like to say that those 2 cannons that have been mentioned in the article (in set photo) are not the Crimea War ones as it has been referred to. 

To give a little bit of history about the Crimea Cannons , I would like to say that in that war of 1853-56 there was ,according to local history, a British Gibraltarian veteran. A Mr. Schiagaluga fighting for the British Army . We do have 4 Crimean War cannons in Gibraltar. On the 8Th of March 1858 the British Government presented The People of Gibraltar four Russian 24 pounder cannons captured at Crimea.

Two are today located at each side of The English War Memorial Monument at Line Wall Road . And the other two are located at the Alameda Botanical Gardens at George Don Gates , below Her Magesty The Queen's E:R steps, on the occasion of her visit in 1954 to Gibraltar.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,