Improvements at Post Office

Dear Sir,

Our Royal Gibraltar Post Office often comes under complaints, whether incoming or outgoing mail the Postie is going to get it in the neck!

Have you noticed the beautification of the Post Office building? The Irish Town box section has had a makeover, not only has it been refurbished but large prints have been put on display along the corridor also all private Post Boxes have been painted. 

If you have a chance take a look at the rear counter and beyond, you will see collected by the sorting staff a postal history display of world class stature, anything connected with postage of mail, distribution of post and its movement worldwide, truly interesting.

In the Main office counters, postage stamps are sometimes offered of a commemorative nature, this is a must for the Collector, a great improvement.

Finally on walking around town you will see most if not all Post Boxes have been given a lick of the good old red paint that we all recognize our visitors notice and photograph them regularly.

To the current Royal Gibraltar Post Office team, well done!

David Eveson

Chairman Gibraltar Philatelic Society