Picardo reacts to incitement to hatred and violent action against Gibraltar in Spain

The Government has filed a criminal complaint against four leaders of the Spanish ultra right-wing political party “VOX”, pursuant to Article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code which deals with offences of incitement to hatred. 

In the complaint, the Government brings to the attention of the Spanish prosecutors a long list of statements emanating from “VOX” and its said leaders which reveal a clear strategy of disparaging the Gibraltarians and our institutions in a manner which seems clearly designed to create an atmosphere of hatred among Spaniards towards Gibraltarians. Only recently, the leader of “VOX” in La Linea resigned accusing the national party leadership of fomenting hatred against Gibraltar.

In recent days, some of the online comments provoked by statements made by “VOX” and its national leaders have specifically urged violent action against Gibraltar, says statement from Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.