It is time for a showdown

Carmen Gomez

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the EU stands for what it purports to do; an association of sovereign states designed to further their shared aims. I doubt that there are many shared aims; it’s more a case of each member state furthering their own agendas and yes, getting the backing of the EU to rubber stamp their goals. 

They pretend to be united and to stand by each other; but really at the end of the day they do so on many an occasion, when coerced into giving of their support, by one of their fellow member states. This they do because on another occasion they may need that very support themselves. It is well known that Spain has in the past leaned on other member states to bear weight to their actions; particularly on matters pertaining to us.


In a summary of the European council on foreign relations, I read that in every member state, except Spain, most voters believe that the EU will fall apart in the next ten to twenty years. Curious don’t you think? It is also a general belief amongst them, that war between EU countries is possible; apart from a long running battle, centred on the way Europeans feel about democracy and other matters like the climate.

What I have also realized on reading further, is that this is nothing like the Musketeer’s call to friendship “All for one, and one for all.” The expectance that all member states, or at least most of them would abide by their rules, is a fallacy. When you look at the EU`s monthly overview of their infringement package; where the European commission pursues legal action against member states for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law; you realize that a great many matters go from month to month unresolved.