Gibraltar’s 5G Revolution: Progress or Health Hazard?

Mark Viales

It may not happen overnight but 5G is coming. The revolutionary technology has the potential to transform the internet and our lives as a whole. It has 100 times better capacity that 4G. However, it will not just dramatically improve internet speed but rather open up a new digital age, where technological advances exceed sci-fi movie premonitions. The future is the cloud and bespoke networks that will bring about smart cities, advanced manufacturing, healthcare systems and connected cars without drivers. 

The possibilities to reduce the power consumption of the connections and expand the range of connected devices could be immense. These changes are becoming part of our society much faster than what was perceived and that has got some to dream of unlimited technological advances while others worry of a digital implosion.


In Gibraltar they are preparing to bring fifth-generation technology to homes and businesses on the Rock by the end of 2020. An ambitious and bold plan that will keep to the recent trend of Gibraltar attempting to keep up to speed in elite cutting-edge technologies. Gibraltar is already a leader in Blockchain technology and was the first place to set up a Bitcoin ATM as well as working with the most innovative minds developing cryptocurrency.

The government has promised to set the path towards creating a ‘smart Gibraltar’ that could strike parallels to strategies seen in the East such as in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Many technology pundits claim that 5G can become the flesh on the bones on the internet that will be used to connect all things. Response times will be much faster. The 4G network responds to our commands at just under 50 milliseconds but with 5G it will take one millisecond, which is 100 times faster than a blink of the eye. This will enable users to have a more streamlined experience and the attractive prospect of downloading a film in just over three-and-a-half seconds is extremely appealing to a young digital generation. It also means a that society will increasingly move towards a wireless environment and make it easier for people to connect online.