Where exactly is the acute traffic problem going as we welcome 2020?

Leo Olivero

Many believe it’s going nowhere fast...or in circles? What certainly appears to be the case is that the quest for knowledge to Gibraltar’s traffic woes continues. This if the latest government statement before the New Year is anything to go by? 

Just before Christmas novice Minister for Transport Vijay Daryanani, gave notice that the government were set to launch yet another traffic related fact-finding mission, with the launch in 2020 of another aptly named ‘Transport Advisory Committee’ (TAC) with the principal aim to get to the bottom of Gibraltar’s acute traffic management problem.

The need to create another committee or traffic commission caught quite a few by surprise. Some people welcomed the initiative credited to the new Minister. Although it does appear to be an after thought as it is not included in the October GSLP/Liberal election manifesto.