Australia is suffering a never-ending forest fire. Over a million animals have died and hundreds of homes destroyed. People have also died and there is no sign of this curse subsiding.

Australia was the only country at the United Nations in 1965-1966 that spoke in favour of our decolonisation and against the Spanish insistence that we be handed over to Spain. 

Gibraltar should show gratitude and friendship to Australia in their time of need. Perhaps the most effective way might be to open an emergency fund locally.

This is for our elders to spearhead not just our political leaders, but also our religious, spiritual ones, etc.

Again and again Australia clearly said that the most important element in decolonisation was the people of the Territory, in the case of Gibraltar the Gibraltarians. Australia is our best friend in the Commonwealth, perhaps the world!

But now with the disaster affecting our Commonwealth brothers we must act quickly, kindly and in total unity. We owe it to them. We must act now with determination and generosity. Show once again we are a people.

Perhaps we should also seek assistance from the MOD. The Royal Navy sent a frigate loaded with supplies from clothing to medicines to other disaster areas.

Let us do what we can and encourage others to help as much as possible.

As well as praying to the Almighty to send them some help.

Please Gibraltar-help Australia. They are down under, and they need it NOW.