Picardo accuses Azopardi of petty party politics

The government says it notes that opposition leader Mr Azopardi has issued a further, deeply partisan statement in which, once again, he vehemently attacks the Chief Minister.

By way of response, Mr Picardo said:

‘My New Year Message was forward-looking and utterly non-political. It pointed the way forward for Gibraltar and its people. In sharp contrast, Mr Azopardi’s Message was little more than a partypolitical attack on the GSLP and on me personally.

'Constructive disagreement is an important part of democracy, but angry ‘name calling’ gets us nowhere. It is a pity Mr Azopardi has chosen to start the year so negatively and with such unnecessary confrontation.

'My Government will continue to work hard on the best post-Brexit future for all us. We continue to offer the Opposition every opportunity to co-operate with us in this endeavour but in the role the electorate have chosen for them.

'However, Mr Azopardi merely sticks with his old negative policy of mud-slinging and insults. He mneeds to understand that we should be trying to raise, not lower, the tone of the post-election debate: we are adversaries and not enemies.

'The electorate are no fools and they have made it abundantly clear which approach they prefer.’