Dear Sir,

I have been reading one or two scaremongering letters, which seem to say that a democratic petition signed by an electoral Gibraltarian majority should be ignored.

Gibraltarians are not fools, when they sign something they are fully aware of what it means for their future.

We all know we need to start determining our future, a secure one, for our future generations. 

We are a British People, even our Government has added the words H.M. to its name.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other Ministers have approved and signed the same petition, they sent a group of us to the UK to deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street, and to Parliament.

The Chief Minister himself presented this petition to our Parliament, I was present that day and all Members of the House greeted it positively, the Government went even further by including the desire for representation in Westminster in their latest manifesto as a commitment.

They already have a mandate from all those who voted them in at the last Election to ensure the petition’s success.

We as the Representation in Westminster group, are responsible to ensure that the freely democratically expressed wishes of a majority of Gibraltarians is respected and acted positively upon, by our leaders, we must ensure that they take this fight on, until we achieve our goal.

Yours sincerely,

Emilio Reyes

Committee Member

Representation In Westminster Group