Gibraltar Drama Festival next month

The 2020 Gibraltar Drama Festival will take place from Monday 16th to Friday 20th March. All performances will take place at the John Mackintosh Hall. A total of 11 plays will be presented as follows: 

Monday 16th March – 7pm

1. GAMPA Infants presents: ‘I don’t Want To Go To Bed’ a children’s story by Julie Skyes – adapted by Tanya Santini Mclelland (U)

2. GAMPA Teens presents: ‘Angels’ a Youth drama/comedy by Pauline McLynn (U)

3. Bayside & Westside Drama Group presents: ‘Mugged’ a drama by Andrew Payne (PG)

Tuesday 17th March – 7pm

1. Trafalgar Theatre presents: ‘Bull’ a drama by Mike Bartlett (15+)

2. Rock Theatre presents: ‘Interior: Panic’ a drama by Tennessee Williams (15+)

3. Dramatis Personae presents: ‘Ten Minutes’ a Tragic comedy/drama by Julian Felice (U)

Wednesday 18th March – 7pm

1. Santos Productions: ‘Four Minutes Twelve Seconds’ a drama by James Fritz (PG)

1. Dramatis Personae presents: ‘I Ate All The Bourbon Creams’ a dark comedy by Julian Felice (15+)

2. GAMPA Seniors presents: ‘Keeping Up With The Jones’ ’ a comedy by The Cast (U)

Thursday 19th March – 7pm

1. The Magazine Studio: ‘Girls Like That’ a teen drama by Evan Placey (PG & 15+)

2. Baysie & Westside Drama Group presents: ‘Every Time We Think of Them’ a drama by Julian Felice (PG)

Friday 20th March – 7pm

GALA NIGHT – The Finals Night will include the top two or three plays and will include the winning play of the Festival, followed by the awards ceremony.

The Adjudicator will give a short delivery about each performance at the end of every session.

Tickets for the festival will be on sale on weekdays at the John Mackintosh Hall as from Wednesday 26th February, between 9.30am and 4.30pm. During performance days, tickets will be on sale at the venue an hour before the session begins.