Dear Sir,

I want my readers to take this with an open mind.

So now you have Brexit and what do you think is going to happen ? I’ll tell you what. Spain now has a powerful EU behind and backing them all the way to push for Spanish sovereignty of Gibraltar , don’t kid yourselves, they, the Spanish government can start making it very difficult for all of you.

I remember, about 4 years ago, I advised your government to start developing a relation with the USA but no, they keep believing that the UK will be behind you all the way.Do you know what I say, BULL S. We would have had four years ahead of time.

U. K. will drop you before you know. By having the U. S. behind us, those across the other side of the line, wouldn’t dare.

One good thing is that that SOB Franco is deep underground although he left some of his dictatorial attitude behind.

I’ll say it ONCE AGAIN and hope that your chief minister reads this.

Become good friends with the USA before those UK drops us and those SOBs can hurt us more.

I’ve lived in NY for over 40 years and I know who to get in touch with. Just keep petitioning your Chief Minister if not,e-mail me at and I’ll get started, I’ll work for you as hard as I can and I promise you I will achieve this for you if your government won’t.

I await your comments.

Joe Carseni

Gibraltar American Council

New York