Dear Sir,

Representation in Parliament for Gibraltar is not an alien thing or sets a precedent. Saint Pierre et Miquelon situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean near the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador by the Gulf of St Lawrence. It is the only part of New France that remains under French control, with an area of 242 square kilometres (93sq mi) with a population of 7000. It was ceded to France by the United Kingdom on 30th May 1814. It has the Euro as its national currency. 

Since March 2003, it has been an Overseas Collectivity of France, with a special status. The archipelago became an Overseas Territory in 1946, then an Overseas Department in 1976, acquiring the status of Territorial Collectivity in 1985. The inhabitants possess French citizenship and suffrage. It sends a Senator and a deputy to the National Assembly of France in Paris and enjoys a degree of autonomy concerning taxes, customs, and excise.

France appoints the Prefect of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, who represents the National Government in the territory. The Prefect is in charge of national interests, law enforcement, public order and administrative control.

France is responsible. For the defence of the islands. They maintain a patrol boat on the islands since 1997. It claims a 200 mile (320 km) Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In 1992, an arbitration panel awarded the islands an exclusive zone of 12,348square kilometres (4768 sq mi) to settle a long lasting dispute between Canada and the French territory. The extent of each country's Exclusive Economic Zones was significant because it would determine where the countries had an exclusive right to fish. This was only 18% of what France was asking.

John Carreras