Should Gibraltar claim half the sovereignty of the Campo de Gibraltar?


The former Spanish foreign minister Sr Margallo is again saying that Spain should have joint sovereignty of Gibraltar. He has also said that the Campo area has become a colony of Gibraltar.

If that's the case, should it not be the other way about, that Gibraltar should claim half the sovereignty of the Campo de Gibraltar?

Margallo is forever putting his foot in anything to do with Gibraltar, as if he is living in another world. He even talks of the treaty of Utrecht saying that the frontier should closed - what a prehistoric thing to say, old chap!

He is insisting that Spain should take advantage of Brexit and claim sovereignty - and if this is not done, it's bye, bye of sovereignty forever.

Indeed, sovereignty is a non-starter, Brexit or no Brexit, or is this former foreign minister unable to get this into his head?

The only sovereignty claim is the other way about, that is to say, if the Campo area is a colony of Gibraltar, surely there should be a claim for at least half the sovereignty of the Campo de Gibraltar, for the Campo area belongs to Gibraltar!

He moans that Gibraltar has the third highest per capita income in the world. How envious can he be! Instead of trying to destroy the chicken that lays the golden eggs, should he not put in place an economy on the other side of the international border at Gibraltar to try and imitate this prosperous Rock which does not belong to them.

Instead, he wants half of Gibraltar's income and prosperity, what a way to go about it, old chap.