SPANISH HYPOCRISY - Self-determination for Ceuta and Melilla; not for Gibraltar and Catalonia

Carmen Gomez

The relationship between Gibraltar and the United Kingdom is in our DNA; that is indisputable. However, we need to face reality here and now.

If we value the freedom of our rights, if we are artisans of liberty and justice, then it’s our plain duty to say and to take as many people with us as we can. This is exactly what Joseph Garcia, Deputy Chief Minister, is doing, has been doing, and will continue to do, until everyone that matters to Gibraltar learns of our plight; fully understands the harm that the EU is inflicting upon us in their siding with Spain; comprehends what the politics of Spain are in relation to Gibraltar; and finally takes steps to remedy this.


In my desire to continue to decipher how the Spanish mind works, I stumbled on an event back in 1940. Apparently, from an ancient Visigoth cemetery, gold and bronze
archaeological treasures as well as hundreds of bones, were dug up and given as a gift to the SS chief Heinrich Himmler on his visit to Madrid to meet with Franco. Himmler was obsessed with proving the superiority of the Aryan race above “all others on earth.” It was even arranged that tall blond natives could be present so that Himmler could witness Spaniards Germanic trace and see for himself how the Spanish people were therefore, “Ubermensch” like the Germans.

To save you time looking this up, in the case that you may not know its meaning; the phrase “Ubermensch” means the ideal superior man of the future, who could rise above
conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values, independently of others; affecting and dominating others lives; accepting the fact that one might have to hurt people in so doing and understand that one is different.

If you recall, the slogan “Spain is different” was used by Manuel Fraga in his day. In historiography, when Europe had other perceptions of life and politics from those of today, it was known that Spain was not well liked because of the role it wanted to play in the world during its expansion. They could not forget the arrogance, the greed and brutality of a people, who believed themselves called to a great destiny. So, with all this in mind, and because of the length of time that Franco ruled, his regime marked the Spanish people, into thinking they were indeed superior and different. They are confused from birth, with all this talk of superior race; doing things their way as opposed to everyone else’s; imposing their will on others as they now do in the EU with member states; trying to dominate us and not caring how they go about it! Is this not very reminiscent of Franco’s legacy?
Nothing has changed in their outlook; not even after their pseudo-democratic transition. This naturally impacts on us.


How far from 2017, when Spain complained that it was no longer an independent country but a German colony; and how far from the present; when over three quarters of a century later, Spain says; WAIT FOR IT; that they want the artefacts back, since they were only given on a temporary basis! How cheap can you be to ask for the return of a gift you have given in good faith? And you might well ask why Spain demands Gibraltar be returned to them; like artefacts that they once gave away; after all according to them they only gave it away by mistake, or they only meant to loan it. They miss the rest of the text of the Treaty of Utrecht which reads “for ever! In other words; “in perpetuity!”

With Margallo`s insistence that Brexit offers them the key to Gibraltar’s return to Spain and they must act now; they have opened up Pandora’s box and they may live to regret
this. Remember when the emeritus King Juan Carlos said that Spain had no need for Gibraltar as it would open up a sack of worms for them with Melilla and Ceuta. He was right; for whilst the PP; Franco’s heirs, totally wrapt up in their hate for Catalan independence; and Pedro Sanchez ,who grows weary under the strain, debate without reaching accord; they appear not to have not noticed that the king’s words are starting to come true! Apparently this is what the autonomous governments of both Ceuta and Melilla complain about. That they are receiving pressure from Morocco and Madrid is not doing anything about it. On this matter let us not be confused by the similarity that some people wish to imagine when they say that if Spain were to give Ceuta and Melilla back to Morocco, the British Government would be pressed to give Gibraltar to Spain. Its awful isn’t it, when you feel that your homeland and your future is described in such terms.

This is a grave misconception! Spain conquered Melilla and Ceuta in 1497; territories which together, form the EU`s only land borders with Africa; having said this they are not included in the EU customs territory. However when Morocco obtained independence in 1956, the two towns were retained by Spain as an enclave. We were conquered by Spain at some point but then were ceded to Britain in perpetuity. Whilst Ceuta and Melilla are enclaves, we are called a pene-exclave; such as Northern Ireland i.e. which is partially surrounded by water. Morocco has claimed that the territories in question are colonies, and so demands that Spain transfer their sovereignty. Ceuta and Melilla which are administered by Spain are known in Spanish as “Plazas de Soverania” i.e. Spanish protectorates in Morocco.


This was established in November 27th 1912, in a treaty between France and Spain, which converted the Spanish sphere of influence into a formal protectorate. Spain says that Gibraltar is a colony but that Ceuta and Melilla have never been colonies, and have belonged to the Spanish crown since before 1707; and are fully paid up parts of Spain, whose citizens elect their own representative in the Madrid parliament. We once were a colony but no longer, except that because of a foot note that Spain desperately bullied the EU into inserting in a recent ruling, they have us down as one. There is no apparent parallel with us and Ceuta and Melilla, but the hypocrisy of the Spanish is unstoppable. Because those in Ceuta and Melilla want to retain the status quo, Spain staunchly and self righteously adheres to the principle of self determination, except, that is, when it comes to Gibraltar
and Catalonia.