Guardian Angel Donation to Support Learning for Sustainable Development

Guardian Angel Donation to Support Learning for Sustainable Development

An initiative that encourages young people to take social responsibility, look after their environment and give back to their community has received funding from the Guardian Angel Foundation.

The Office of the Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations has been supported by the Guardian Angel Foundation to promote social and environmental responsibility amongst children and young people.

The charity has donated over £3,300 to purchase books and other school resources to support this initiative, including new storybooks for lower and upper primary schools that can bring the sustainability topics such as biodiversity, carbon footprints, poverty, privilege and justice alive in classrooms. The
Charity will subsequently donate a further £4,500 to purchase materials that enable learners to engage practically in growing food in schools, looking after green areas and improving their local community.

The Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, John Cortes, expressed his gratitude to Prof Daniella Tilbury, the Commissioner for Sustainable Development, for the initiative and to the Guardian Angel Foundation for this generous donation.

He added, ‘Building a greener tomorrow is not just the responsibility of the Government, it requires that everyone in the community think beyond their own individual needs and take responsibility. This initiative builds upon the excellent work being done by local educators and youth workers and questions what is important to us as a community now, and in the future.’