Abortion on demand is a Holocaust

Dear Sir,

On 27th January 2020. we commemorated in Gibraltar the International Holocaust Memorial Day and the 75th liberation anniversary from the Nazi death camp in
Auschwitz. 6 million Jews were murdered in 4 years. Speaking from London, according to a GBC report, the Chief Minister said "... we must not turn away from the horrors of Auschwitz ... we need to ensure we don't fall into the trap of allowing it to happen again'1. We all agree.

But what about the horrors of abortion on demand - i.e. the destruction of human life and the killing of children (in the womb}?

According to W.H.O figures, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million induced abortions - approximately 125,000 abortions per day. In a 4 year period that would be up to 200 million children (in the womb} killed. This is a modern-day Holocaust of children (in the womb) world wide - without exception the most vulnerable human being and innocent human life ever.

So the stark reality in this 2020 Referendum is:

(1) If you vote "yes" you will have fallen into the trap of abortion on demand in Gibraltar as in the UK and you will be celebrating the death and killing of children (in the womb) on 19th March 2020; or,

(2) If you vote "No” you will be standing up against the horrors of abortion on demand and commemorating the life and dignity of every human being including children (in the womb).

If female autonomy, in matters of life and death of children (in the womb), has somehow transmuted itself into the sovereign, legal arid human right of women in the 21st century (which is what the Pro-Abortionists truly propound) then many Gibraltarian citizens will wonder why this pro-abortion Government has not, therefore, legally excluded men from voting in this referendum (?).

Men should not feel put off from voting against abortion on demand and a man's conscientious vote is just as crucial and valuable as that of his female counterpart, I respectfully urge all men eligible to vote, to go out and exercise his right to vote, which at present is unassailable.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Bossino