Carmen Gomez Diary

Carmen Gomez

Danger on the pavements

It is commendable that the minister for traffic wants to give the bicycle riders more lanes to travel along. The trouble is that many people have forgotten about the markings on the ground and find themselves at risk of the riders; or you find riders showing their frustration because they are not being allowed to cycle without impediment.

The trouble being that many people think that Gibraltar is too small and too congested already. The trouble being that now we have the older generation in mopeds going full speed ahead on pavements, plus those who travel on scooters; as sometimes faced with having to go against the traffic on the roads, turn to the pavements instead. The trouble being that now cyclists too are travelling on the pavements, at quite a speed; and one never knows at what point in time, unawares that someone is coming right behind one, you will turn to go somewhere and find yourself knocked down by the cyclist; something which has been the case recently on a couple of occasions.

Since one cannot pretend that police be on site every time this happens, we the pedestrians are at the mercy of the speeding cyclist.

I really don’t know what the answer is, except maybe for the police to come out on to our streets in numbers, say around Waterport specially, in civilian clothes, and take down the details of the cyclists they find on the pavements, for cautioning at least!


Wine lovers beware of certain bodegas

We know that in Gibraltar we have a great variety of excellent wines in our restaurants and on the shelves of stockists, to please the palate of the wine loving nation that we are. We also know that there are many locals who like to travel to Spain to visit vineyards and sample new wines. In fact I heard that there were a great many comments over a programme advertised on GBC which had to do with visiting bodegas in Spain; a word of advice here.

I understand that recently three Spanish bodegas have being investigated because they have been found to be wrongly classifying their wines. In other words they have been classifying young wines under a mistaken category of “Reserva or Crianza;” wines that can also be found on shelves at

supermarkets.The thing is that when bad weather hits some regions as happened this past year, there are agricultures who instead of counting their losses, prefer to fraudulently mislead the unsuspecting public by falsifying official documentation.