This is what our Government needs to pursue

Dear Sir,

The Representation in Westminster Movement would like to welcome and congratulate the recently formed Devolved Integration Movement. In particular we commend them for pursuing our own long-term goal to maintain our close links with Britain and to form an integral part of the British family (however different our interpretations may be of the words 'devolved' and 'integration').

The concept of devolved integration was started by many of us back in 2000. Twenty years have passed since then and we have moved on as we have had devolution. Our 2006 Constitution in Gibraltar devolved the maximum self-governing powers we could possibly have to Gibraltar and its government (so much so that Scotland would dearly love to have the same!)

What we still do not have is a voice or a representative in the Westminster Parliament. We are still not considered an integral part of the

British family coming as we do under the Foreign Office rather than the Home Office.

This is of course what we need to change. This is what fourteen thousand people signed a petition for. This is what our Movement delivered to the UK government. This is what our Government needs to pursue.

On behalf of the Representation in Westminster Committee.

Lyana Armstrong-Emery