Crucial to have direct and strong relations with Morocco

Dear Sir,

The Gibraltar Morocco Business Association (the “GMBA”), together with its sister company, the Gibraltar Morocco Business Exchange (the “GMBE”) are dedicated to the fostering of frontline and new, as well as strong and permanent, links between Gibraltar and Morocco. This is not only as a contingency measure to the Brexit reality which affects Gibraltar dramatically, but also simply to create effective commercial relations between Gibraltar and its fast economically growing neighbour that is Morocco. This it does with the support of the Gibraltar Government. 

Both associations have been working hand in hand for months helping businesses from both sides of the Straits to expand their fields of opportunity. They have also offered their assistance to individuals requiring advice or assistance with their visa, passport or other administrative matters. However, so far this work has been done on a case by case basis and no collective need or emergency involving the Gibraltar community at large had occurred until the 13th March when the Government of Morocco decided to ban all flights and maritime connections with Spain and many other countries in Europe in order to contain the progress of the infamous “Coronavirus” and protect its citizens.

The challenge that arose since the 13th March to date was that close to 100 Gibraltarians had become potentially stranded in Morocco surrounded by the climate of fear that has literally infected most countries and continents around the world in relation to Coronavirus. It is thanks to the constant efforts and commitment on the ground of Steven Marin and Brahim Krikaz, both Board Members of the GMBA and Managing Directors of the GMBE, who reached out to Morocco’s national airline Royal Air Maroc and with the generous help of the Royal Family of Morocco were able to organise the flights back from Morocco to Gibraltar and also the safe return from Gibraltar to Morocco of just under 100 people. The people stranded on the Moroccan side were also provided with free water, food, as well as free access to phone lines and internet connections in order to be able to reassure their loved ones of their ability to get home.

This happy ending proves how crucial it is for Gibraltar to have direct and strong relations with Morocco and we encourage everyone to reach out to the GMBA and become members of it in order to be able to be guided and assisted by them should they need it. The GMBA and the GMBE would, for example, be able to provide the best possible guidance in establishing a business in Morocco or to assist in any emergency situation such as the one described above.

For general information please call the GMBA (located at Suite 1a, 12 Tuckey’s Lane P.O. Box 1164 , Gibraltar) on +350 22504014 and the GMBE (located in the heart of Tangier at 29, Res Mediterrannee Y Ben Tachfine E Sol BU.28) on +212 539325293. The GBMA is composed of 8 board members namely Clive Reeds (President), Brahim Krikaz (Vice-President) as well as Steven Marin, Chris Bourne, Ashraf Jalarbi, Darren Olivera, Paul Parody and myself. The GMBE is composed of Steven Marin and Brahim Krikaz working closely with their PA Mrs Basma Esseddiq.

We look forward to fostering further links between Gibraltar and Morocco for the mutual benefit of both communities!

Joshua Lhote

GBMA Board Member